what is SMD led module and where we use it?

What is SMD led module?

SMD module is to use SMD type LED lamp to be attached to the PCB and then soldering the wire composition components. There are 5050,3528,3020,5630 and other models.
SMD LED module is one of LED modules. To compare with other type of led module, SMD led module with the features at wide lighting angle, high brightness, low light failure, So, it is used widely, and more and more popular in the led module lighting area.

Led module Applications:
1. advertising signs, lighting, signage, (thin) boxes, solid light, plastic characters, other advertising lighting;
2. Hotel, KTV, shopping malls, entertainment indoor (cove), exterior lighting,landscape layout, stage decoration, city lighting and so on.
3. Family shoe case, wardrobe, ceiling concealed, showrooms, art hall, museum, office, reading room and other lighting; automotive lighting; aquarium equipment (light tank), bathroom (bath light) applications.

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