Westbay LED Neon Flex Installation

The universal and user-friendly design of the Westbay Led Neon Flex allows easy installations on flat surfaces, such as wood plate, plastic board, metal surface and wall and your innovative shapes can be easily achieved with the convenient connections.

 Before installation, Make attention following:

 1. Make sure the cut place which is printed place by scissors. Make obvious marks on where you are going to cut the led neon flex.

 2. Fasten the mounting clips with screws by every certain and safe distance. It is suggested to use mounting channel on straight place and a mounting clip on the corner.

 3. The illuminating side of the led neon flex should always keeps outside when putting the led neon flex into a mounting channel or a mounting clip. Make sure the light surface is on top.

 4. Make sure the led neon flex is in order and not in twisted when installation.

 5. Please handle with led neon flex in gently

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