DC12-24V led string RGB controller for DIY lighting solution in events holiday

led module controllerWall Mounted Touching Controller

WK-TC-W02C / WK-TC-B02C  white panel and black panel available



RGB touching Controller is new generated product by our company. The controller is adopted

glass panel and ABS plastic to base. Professional PCB design to avoid circuit problem. We adopt high precision capacitance touch control chip, increases the touch sensitivity, reduces trigger which caused by mistake. It is used for controlling a variety of lamp which source of light is LED.Luxury Design, Fashion appearance. The controller can be wall mounted installation. White and black panel is optional.

Can be connected to all led lights in DC5V, DC12-24V. Example: led module, point source of light, flexible strip, wall washer ect. Install convenience and operate easily. It can be applied to hotel decoration, home decoration, commercial lighting area and leisure place ect. According to the actual need of customers,it can carry out RGB jump,fade in and out,static signle color and other effects of change.

Technical Specification

1. 3CH output, 4A/CH, 12A/3CH

2. Input voltage: DC5V, DC12-24V

3. Max Power: 60W @ 5V; 144W @ 12V; 288W @ 24V

4. Connecting mode: common anode

5. Static Power consumption: <1W

6. Size: 86*86*34mm

7. Net Weight: 185g

8. Gross Weight: 215g



NO. Mode REMARK NO. Mode Remark
1 Seven colors mixture fade in &out  



Speed adjustable, Brightness un-adjustable

7 Static red  



Brightness adjustable,  Speed un-adjustable

2 Seven colors single fade in& out 2 8 Static green
3 RGB fade in &out 9 Static blue
4 RGB fade in& out 2 10 Static yellow
5 Seven color jump 11 Static purple
6 RGB jump 12 Static cyan
13 Static white


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