SMD Led Module Installation instructions

SMD Led Module Installation instructions:

The first step: Calculate the total power of modules, then configure the appropriate LED switching power supply (power to 80% power output configuration).

Total power consumption = number of modules × single module power

For example: 300pcs of 3pcs 3528 SMD modules, the rated power: 300 × 0.25 = 75W
But you need to match power supply @ 75W X 1.2 rate= 90W

Step Two: Fixed Module

1. The plastic shell on the back of double-sided adhesive stickers preliminary fixed, and then the glass glue auxiliary fixing.

2. Plastic glass fixed directly; pre-installation module surface should be wiped clean or suitable grinding, ensure contact surfaces clean.

3. The plastic shell bottom fixing screws.

Step 3: Connect the power supply

After all modules installed, it can be 0.75mm or 18AWG wire connection to the power supply. From the power supply and the module should be within 5 meters. If the font is larger, without affecting the cooling module, the power supply can be built in.


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