new led module price

Nowadays, there are many different price to the led module in the market. So, how to choose the better price at best quality? Here below have some suggestion for you.

1, chip manufacturers,

chip manufacturers different general its stable performance is also different. You might ask why not CREE, Osram, Nichia, first of the world’s top chip maker has a fixed target market, such as defense orders, etc. Furthermore ,if we import a little cree chips for manufacture led module specially, it is not worthy,and the costs will be very higher; and if there is no supporting material drive, it can not fully play to their strengths, so is a great waste.

2, the chip size.

The same kind of chip, the larger the size, generally the higher the brightness, the stronger capacity, stable performance goes, of course, the price is relatively high. Module chip size is now mainly: 9MIL, 10MIL, 12MIL, 14MIL and 23MIL etc.

The other is coming soon…….

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