Manufacturer, Wall Switch, 110~250V, Ivory White Glass Panel, 2-gang 2-Way Touch Light Switch

Manufacturer, Wall Switch, 110~250V, Ivory White Glass Panel, 2-gang 2-Way Touch Light Switch

We produce Touching panel Tempered glass switches.Easy installation to wall boxing 86*86mm. It is Luxury black crystal glass switch panel, 2-gangs 2-ways ,2-gang, 1-way, 110-250V, touching wall lights switch.

remote 2-gang switch

remote switch

wall swtich

2 gang 2 way, 2 gang 1 way switch


Switch Application: 

Touch panel switch is a new high-end swtich which newly developed by our company. It adopts glass panel design, is beautiful and fashionable in appearance. Can be wall mounted installation. We adopt high precision capacitance touch control chip, increases the touch sensitivity, reduces trigger which caused by mistake. It is used for controlling a variety of lamp which source of light is LED or traditional lights which the votage is AC input. For instance,AC 240V led neon, AC110V led neon, AC220V led strip, AC input lights, panel lights ect, it has many advantages such as convenient to connect, easy to use and others.

Technical Specification 

1.Size: 86mm*86mm*35mm
2.Voltage: AC110-260V / 50Hz-60Hz
3.Max Load: 1.5Kw (Could be loaded different power,if lamp flash,please connect a safety capacitor)
4.Energy consumption: <0.02mA (Touching switch)
5.Operation environment:-30-+70 degree, less than 98% RH
6.Life Span: 1000,000 times operation


1.The electric power should be off during installation.

2.Wiring strictly must be done according to the wiring diagrams

3.Each load capacity is Minimum 15W and Maximum 1500W. If the light is less than 15W, the safety capacitor’s connection is needed to connect between L and N lines of light. The starting power could not be exceeded 1500W. Recommend to use of energy-saving lamps or led lights 15W above.

4.The size of the installation screw hole is 60mm, and the dimension of mounting box is 75mm*75mm*32mm at least.

5.If the touch testing is operated without the glass panel, please shut down the power first, then fix the switch and install the glass panel, connect the power at last. If power on before put glass panel,the initial capacity of the touch keys will be changed to cause the switch can’t work correctly.


1. The switch is not suitable for inductive ballast fluorescent.

2. If the switch can’t work well, please shut down the power for 1 minutes, then turn on it again.

3. Touch the switch, When lamp is on, the back lights is bright. When it is off, the back lights is slightly bright.

4.If one of touch switch hasn’t connected any lamps, it is normal that the other switch which connected lamps will flash shortly.

5. If the one way switch hasn’t connected any lamps, it is normal that the switch will flash shortly.


There is only L1 could be loaded light if the switch is 1gang

There are only L1 and L3 could be loaded light if the switch is 2gangs

There are L1,L2 and L3 could be loaded light if the switch is 3gangs.

Two way Switch Matching Instruction:

1. The two way switch only works after matching each other.

2. Matching Steps:

First, Touching the switch slightly for 5 seconds, take away your hands when you hear the sound of “Di” or back-light flashing.

Second,Touch the other switch, when the switch back-light flashes, it means the success of matching.

3. Steps to cancel matching:

Press any button of the switch for 10 seconds until hearing two sounds of “Di” or the background light flash twice.(Please don’t take away your hand when you hear one” Di” or flash one time). At that time, all the matching has been canceled.

Connection Method: 


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