led neon features and neon flex application

LED Neon features:

Although it looks no different from ordinary neon, LED flexible neon is a professional decorative linear lighting products. But it can be bent arbitrarily, with anti-broken and waterproof features, indoor and outdoor can be used. Compared with radical neon, LED flexible neon has following features:

Complex production process, radical neon is large investment. Use duct work, there are a lot of inconvenience when high-voltage and inert gas. Flexible neon with a new structure and LED technology, the bright LED bulb on a special PVC shell package, using unique optical technologies and specialized housing design, not only increases the strength and uniformity of light, and the delivery of the process, improve production efficiency.

Raising the voltage required during use, radical neon works only at room temperature. Power consumption is also large, high cost, short life, in-convenience to maintenance. The flexible neon is adopted each point LED Designed, distribute only low in calories, the same brightness LED bulb is only about one-seventh of the power consumption of the radical, radical neon power consumption of 28.7W / m and flexible neon only 3.9 W / m or 6.6W / m and longer than traditional LED bulb life while LED Neon also has a shockproof, heat-resistant features.

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