How to recognize the best led neon flex

Product Features
LED Neon is a noble professional linear lighting decoration products, it looks like an ordinary neon, but it can arbitrarily curved, this product has a crush and waterproof, can be used in indoor and outdoor.
Its characteristics are: traditional neon investment, complex production process, the use of glass, high voltage, and an inert gas, and many other inconveniences. Replaced with a new structure flexible neon and LED technology, the bright LED bulbs on a special PVC shell package, using unique optical technologies and specialized housing design not only greatly increases the strength and uniformity of light, but also simplify the process, improve production efficiency.

Installation Instructions
A. Light body can only cut labeled markers.
B. In connection with the joint pin, swing around the incision near the end of the lamp body, cut off the excess thread.
C. Into waterproofing in all parts of the interface, to avoid seepage irrigation internally generated light body. Light body and cause internal electronic cables and other produce rust corrosion and oxidation.
D. To ensure that the lamp body and the test voltage using the voltage remains the same.
E. Do not bend light body make connections.
F. When connecting two lamp body, the polarity must be kept consistent.
G. Please do not use the lamp body when damaged.

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