DIP (Duel In-Line Package)

DIP LEDs are the more traditional diode/indicator-light-looking LEDs containing two connecting pins that are through-hole mounted to PCBs (printed circuit boards).  DIP LEDs were more widely manufactured prior to the 21st century have higher optical decay, lower CRI, and lower efficacy than the more recent SMD LEDs.  However, many DIPs are still used today in many applications.

SMD (Surface Mount Device/Diode)

SMD LEDs are a more recent, resilient, efficient, and long lasting technology for mass production.  They allow for more efficient large quantity production and are used more often in the latest general purpose LED lighting solutions.SMDs rapidly increased in the first decade of the 21st century, and do not simply conduct current through the two small pins of the diode as with more tradition DIP technology.  Some common SMDs are SMD 3528 (single chip), SMD 5050 (triple chips), and SMD 3014 (latest rectangle higher lumen output).

MCOB and MCCOB LEDs (Multiple Chips On Board)

MCOB (multi-chip embedded on board) and MCCOB (multi-chips and cups on board) is the latest and youngest (but rapidly improving) high output LED technology which integrates many small chips into one single large chip.  MCOBs and MCCOBs are now widely used for many LED high bay overheads and large tunnel and flood lights.


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