12CH-DMX512 Constant decoder ,popular at Russia, America, Australia

Welcome to use the 12CH constant decoder, which take advantage of advanced microelectronic control technology. This technology changes the international fashion DMX512/1990 standard digital control signals into analog control signals. There are 1 ~ 12 output channels; each channel can achieve 256 control levels. This constant decoder is used when DMX512 control equipment control general LED lighting.

Products Performance:

Input Power: DC5V~DC24V                                                                                Maximum load current: 6A/CH×6

Maximum power load: 300W (5V) ,720W (12V),1440W (24V)             Output gray level: 256

Input Signal: DMX512/1990                                                                               Output signal: 12 channels Constant PWM

Output DMX : 12 channels                                                                                  DMX512 socket standard RJ45;

Size: L155*W88*H32                                                                                            Package Measurement: L173*W700*H50MM

Net Weight:290g                                                                                                      Gross Weight:330g

DSC_0243 - 副本

RGB connection diagram:

1. Single Power Connection:


2. Double Power Connection:



3. DMX Connection method:


The signal line connection diagram

1:DATA+           2:DATA-

3-6:Empty         7,8:GND



Decoder using the method10位拨码



The first DMX address setting

The decoder set the address bit by coding switch, of which 1-9 is for setting the start address of the Binary numeric code switch of DMX512, the first one is the lowest position, the ninth one is the highest Bit of address code can be set to 512.

DMX512 start address code is the sum of switches 1-9, at the same time turn downside of the code switch (ON set to “1”), then the value of the bit can be gotten; coding switch up (set to “0”), the value of the bit is 0.

Example 1: As the following Schematic 1, DMX512 start address is set to 38,

encoding the No. 6,3,2 position on switch dial to “1”, others set to “0”,

then the sum of the switch 1-9 code value is 32 + 4 + 2,

that is the DMX512 start address 38        10位拨码38

Example2: As the schematic 2, DMX512 start address is set to 388,

encoding the no. 2,3,6,8 switch dial to “1”, others set to “0”,

then the sum of the switch 1-8 code value is 4 + 128 + 256 = 388,

that is the DMX512 start address 388.




Operation instruction for the automat effect




Note: It will be Automatic operation mode when the No. 10 switch is turned down.

Effect choice (button switch No.1 to No.4):

1, Push No.1: Automat cycling.                                       2, Push No. 2: Seven-color gradual cycle changing.

3. Push No.1 &2: RGB Fade in and out                         4. Push No.3: Severn color jumping

5. Push No.1 & 3: RGB  jumping.                                     6. Push No.2 & 3: Single color fade

7. Push No. 1 & 2 & 3:Single color left scan                  8. Push No.4: Single color right scan

9. Push No.1 & 4: Single color left pile up                     10: Push No.2 & 4: Single color right pile up

11. Push No.1 & 2 & 3: Single color left and right scan    12. Push No.3 & 4: Single color left and right  pile up

13. Push No.1 & 3 & 4: single color red                          14. Push No.2 & 3 & single color green

15. Push No.1 & 2 & 3 & 4: single color blue

Speed Choices (Button Switch No.5 to No. 8)

  1. Push No.5: 0.5 second. 2. Push No.6: 1 second. 3. Push No.7: 1.5 second. 4. Push No.8: 2 second.Installation Notes:※ This kind of controller works only under DC5V-24V, which is provided by the matched controllable main power, or else the controller will be damaged.

    ※ The UTP wire is connected hand in hand to make the cable, when two or more controller connected.

    ※ The power supply should be off when connecting the electric wires, and it can be turned on till making sure the wires are connected correctly and the indicator of main power in red is lighting.

    ※ Controller should work under the environment of adequately ventilated, dry, not corroded, no flammable gas and rust.

    Please check the wires connection regularly so that the wires of aged, rust-eaten, and damaged insulation spacer can be replaced timely

    Simple troubleshooting and maintenance:

Symptom Reason Analysis Solution

NO lighting

1、No power

2、Wrong connection of wire

3、Power protection setting

1、check power supply

2、check wire connection

3、check power failure, power on again

Red indication light is on, green indication light not flash Didn’t make dip switch or dip switch is not in correct Follow up the instruction to reset dip switch
The Light color is not show in correctly 1.RGB LED is not connection correctly

2.Dip switch is not in correct place

1、   Re-connect the RGB and wire

2、   Reset dip switch

Can’t be


1、The RJ45 cable is not connected or wrong connection

2、master and slave controller setting failure,The slaver is set dip switch effects

1、re-connect the RJ cable

2、reset master and slave controller to ensure only one master

Led brightness is different at beginning and end 1、  Output line is too long

2、  The diameter of wire is too thin

3、  Overload working

1、  Use annular electric supply or shorten circuit

2、  Calculate electrical current, change strong wire

3、  Change power or increase controller

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